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Managed firewall services

Farpost's Managed Firewall Services protect an organization's key information assets across networks, hosts, applications and databases.
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Are you concerned about security on your Internet-connected office network or on your servers colocated at Data Centre?

Are you concerned about the cost required to hire and retain a full-time staff member to configure and maintain your firewall devices?

With the increase in frequency and sophistication of Internet attacks, firewall protection is now essential for all businesses connecting their servers or office networks to the Internet.

Farpost's Managed Firewall solution can provide you with secure, 24x7 management and monitoring of your firewall devices at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

Farpost recognizes that security needs differ greatly from one organization to another and that the security requirements of small business environments can vary greatly from large, multi-server or multi-office organizations. As such, Farpost offers a number of different Managed Firewall solutions which meet the needs of all organizations, small, medium, and large.

Our security experts will work with you to determine your security needs. We will configure and deploy your firewall for you. We will monitor and maintain your firewall on an on-going basis. We will provide you with monthly reports summarizing the intrusion attempts which were blocked by the firewall. We will make rule changes whenever you request them. We will do all of this for a low, monthly fee.

Farpost's Managed Firewall service utilizes firewall devices from Cisco Systems, SonicWALL, and UNIX-based solutions.